Employment Law, Sexual Harassment, and a Piping Hot Cup of Tea

Tea sexual harassment Alabama Employment Law
Sexual consent can be comparable to tea. The tea video isn’t a great source for sexual harassment training, but does remind employees that a past relationship does not justify ongoing sexual advances.

Apparently, I live in a cave.  I was at a dinner party last week, and everybody started talking about “The Tea Video.”  I was oblivious.

I was quickly informed that one of the largest employers in North Alabama recently made their workforce watch “The Tea Video.”  Employees were told that the video was required as part of sexual harassment training.  You may have already seen this video.  My wife was quite familiar with it, and told me that it made the rounds on social media at some point in the past.  The purpose of the video is to educate the masses on the concept of sexual consent in a relationship.  For those who are likewise ignorant, here’s the video:

From a mass marketing perspective, this video is perfect.  It’s short, simple, funny and gets its point across.  Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s a great source for sexual harassment training.  Consent can be one factor to consider in a sexual harassment claim.  But, the two most important factors that an employer must stress in training are:  (1) sexual harassment will not be tolerated; and, (2) employees should immediately report any conduct that they believe is sexual harassment.

Employers should try to discourage sexual relationships between employees as much as possible.  In fact, some employers have “no fraternization” policies.  There are pluses and minuses to such policies.  If co-workers are in a sexual relationship, the Tea Video might provide some assistance to prevent future sexual harassment claims.

Many sexual harassment claims arise from failed relationships.  Jilted lovers  continue to make advances at work, and even pursue their love interest at home.  Persistent sexual advances after the end of a relationship can lead to a sexual harassment claim.  Thus, the Tea Video provides some assistance in the sexual harassment area by reminding employees that a past relationship cannot serve as the basis for continuing to pursue a love interest.

Enjoy the video.  And, on cold winter days, enjoy a piping hot cup of tea!