Off Topic Post: Is There a “Cure” for COVID-19?

COVID-19 Frontline Doctors hydroxychloroquine "cure"
Frank Lockwood at work — shortly before the fight of his life.

Many of my friends have shared or commented on a video making the rounds on social media from a group called “Frontline Doctors.”  At least one of the “shares,” explicitly called COVID-19 a “hoax.”  Apparently, some of my friends are upset that Facebook and Twitter are removing the video.  I hope that they have actually watched this video.  I have.

In the video, a doctor from Houston claims that there is a “cure” for COVID and no need to wear masks. According to her, hydroxychloroquine, combined with other regimens, is the solution.

In my opinion, those statements are irresponsible and openly encourage life-threatening conduct.  Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse removal of those statements from social media platforms.

Some of my friends believe that we should have a public debate about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine.  That’s fine.  But, please don’t rely solely upon this one doctor’s opinion.

My brother is a true Frontline Doctor.  He is a family practice doctor in Stockbridge, Georgia.  He treats people with COVID-19.  He probably contracted COVID-19 performing his duty for patients.  When he got sick, he checked himself into a hospital where he knows the physicians who are treating him. Now, he’s on a ventilator fighting for his life.

If there was a “cure” for COVID, I choose to believe that my brother and/or his team of physicians would have used it. To think otherwise would condemn Frank and millions of other physicians in this country.  They would be endangering themselves and their patients by refusing to implement a simple remedy.

I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a researcher.  I have no way of personally knowing whether hydroxychloroquine helps to fight COVID.  But, I know a lot of physicians and I’ve been talking to them regularly as Frank has fought this virus.  None of them has suggested hydroxychloroquine would help.  And, some of them have explicitly said that it won’t help.  If I contract this disease, I’m going to place my life in their hands and follow their treatment.

Please, reach your own conclusions.  If you have physicians who are friends, talk with them.  To me, they are the best source of information.  I’m not qualified to know which studies on the internet are trustworthy.  (You may even review my timeline and see that I jokingly shared a link with some friends, who love Korean food, touting the remedial benefits of kimchi. It was later pulled by Facebook for spreading false information.)  Instead, I am relying upon my known, trusted sources of information to reach my conclusion.

If you reach the conclusion that hydroxychloroquine can provide benefits in treatment, I support you one-hundred-percent.  But, please, also try to determine if hydroxychloroquine is a “cure” for COVID-19.  Figure out if there is a need for social distancing.  Is there is a need to wear a mask in public?

When you get done, please pray for Frank.